Again, this year we attended the Atlassian Summit 2016 in San Jose, California, just as in prior years. But unlike in the past, this year we shared a booth with the software experts from Clearvision. It was a great experience for us, we explored many interesting things and also captured some of them on camera for you. Have fun watching these videos!

Short introduction from Patrick & Inga

Walking through the exhibition hall with Martin



All interviews

Paul Renshaw from Clearvision, talks about what Clearvision offers to their customers as the world's biggest Atlassian expert.

Cameron Deatsch from Atlassian, talks about Atlassian Server, Confluence and the difference between Jive and Atlassian.

Zubin Irani, CEO of cPrime, talks about his company's massive success in the Atlassian Enterprise business and much more.

Christian Lane, CEO of Praecipio Consulting, talks about his company's professional services, DocuSign in Atlassian Confluence and JIRA and Confluence-based intranets like Linchpin.

Dave Theodore, CEO of Coyote Creek, talks about his company's business and Linchpin as a Confluence-based intranet.

Thad West, CEO of Isos Technology, explains that his company is one of the most experienced partners in the Atlassian ecosystem, and how and why they support Linchpin intranets.

Joshua Wold, CEO of Bugsnag, tells us why his new startup rocks your coding efforts and improves quality.

Gerald Tombs, CEO of Clearvision - the world's leading Atlassian solution partner - talks about his company's outstanding success and the partnership with //SEIBERT/MEDIA for Linchpin intranets.

Sherif Mansour talks about Atlassian Home and his work.

Bryan Rollins, Head of Server at Atlassian, talks about the current and future developments of Atlassian's Server and Data Center products.



David Benson, co-founder of, talks about the most important features of, the best professional diagramming solution for Confluence and JIRA.

Check out the virtual reality demonstrations at the Atlassian Summit.

The Summit Bash and more

Wendell and the Confluence team rock the Atlassian Summit Bash.

Physical Boards and JIRA with Spartez.

Clearvision's after show ritual.

An annual ritual: Sherif Mansour from Atlassian interviews Martin.



How our partners describe //SEIBERT/MEDIA in one word.


Atlassian Summits from the previous years

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