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The web based application Jira is the powerful, established and refined bug and issue tracking system made by Atlassian Software. Jira allows to create, delegate, prioritize, track, check and manage tasks of any kind (software bugs, project tasks, change requirements, improvements, etc.) Implementing Jira enables a business to a professional, systematic and effective error, task and quality management.

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is one of the leading Atlassian partners in Europe. As one of the few service providers we carry the status of "Platinum Solution Partner". We have been conducting Jira projects since 2008.

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Why purchase Jira licenses with //SEIBERT/MEDIA?

By licensing your Atlassian products with us, you receive complete user and support licenses for your Atlassian systems, pay the same fees as directly with Atlassian, and have the same rights and possibilities, as if you were buying directly. 

In addition, we offer the following advantages:


Atlassian offers e-mail support and a public Jira instance. However, you need to reproduce every error and precisely describe it for instance with screenshots. Support from //SEIBERT/MEDIA for Atlassian clients is direct, individual, and "hands-on". We are available in person, via e-mail and per phone to assist you.

Licensing and optional individual services around all Atlassian products from a single source

Beyond the licensing, Jira clients often require technical, conceptional, and/or organizational support. We have many years of experience with hundreds of Jira projects and are a competent contact. In addition to licensing, we offer professional individual services from a single source.

Additional benefits

There are many other advantages to purchasing licenses via //SEIBERT/MEDIA

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Would you like to test Jira now? Use our Jira hosting service SWIFT free and without obligation for 30 days. Use the following form to order your instance. You will have access to it shortly under the web address you choose.

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We are Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner


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