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An overview of the advantages of purchasing through //SEIBERT/MEDIA

Purchase on account with a German service provider

With us you do not have to order your licenses over the internet by credit card. Instead, you will receive an invoice in accordance with German tax regulations. After receiving and checking the licenses, you will be able to pay and settle the account within 14 days via well-established procurement channels.

Full support provided by Atlassian, additional German support from us

If you license your products through //SEIBERT/MEDIA, you will receive full support in English from Atlassian and will be entitled to free software updates for the duration of your license support. In addition, //SEIBERT/MEDIA is available to offer you support in German. Our specialists for Atlassian products are available to help you and your colleagues in person, by email and by telephone. Please note that this support is not part of your license support and will be charged on a time-and-effort basis.

Professional free consultation on Atlassian licenses

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is happy to support you to find a custom, personal Atlassian license package. We can advise you, free of charge, which licenses in which license tiers are suitable for your specific requirements. This includes all Atlassian products as well as a variety of third-party apps. We strive to win you as a customer beyond simply purchasing licenses and are therefore always focused on maintaining a fair and collaborative business relationship. You will therefore only receive recommendations from us for licenses that you actually need - even if this means less revenue for us. Get an overview of the licenses we offer via our license portal.

License and support period consolidation

Over time, it's quite common that new licenses are purchased in additional to your main licenses. This leads to staggered license periods for support and often a considerable administration effort to stay on top of it all. We can adjust all of the support periods to fit a specific date and ensure that future purchases match this. 

Personal support instead of just email support

Atlassian support is known for fast and competent assistance. However, support is usually provided by email or a publicly accessible Jira Servicedesk instance. You are required to describe errors and problems in great detail yourself and often Atlassian has to commit resources to reproduce these errors at great expense, just so you can receive this support.

Support provided by //SEIBERT/MEDIA is direct. Close customer relationships generally allow us access to the relevant instances: Our experts connect to your application with you when problems arise (e.g. as part of a cost-effective desktop sharing session). This enables us to work with you directly in your system and identify the sources of problems directly and eliminate errors immediately. That's what we call hands-on support.

Atlassian Enterprise Club Membership

If you purchase an Atlassian license over 500 and more users through us, you will automatically become a member of our Atlassian Enterprise Club.

Higher priority for your requests

With really important and urgent inquiries we can escalate cases with considerably more urgency and effect. Since many of our consultants, developers, and administrators are Atlassian experts, we are in a good position to request that Atlassian pay much more attention to such escalations.

Personal contact with Atlassian employees

We know all the relevant contact persons for all Atlassian products personally, can reach them personally, and receive quick replies. And "all contact persons" truly means "all contact persons" and not just two people in the company.

In case of problems, our mediation will help you reach the right person inside Atlassian more effectively and faster than a support request submitted directly to Atlassian, or a request in the public Jira instance that Atlassian provides to customers as part of product development.

Your issue may reach the relevant contact on manufacturer side more effectively and quicker than through a direct support request or via the public Jira instance, that Atlassian offers to clients for product development.

Valuable information and tips about Atlassian software

You will regularly receive our newsletter with the latest information, tips and tricks for using Atlassian products. We'll let you know about new software versions, early access programs for new releases, security advisories, tips and tricks and much more information that is relevant for all Atlassian customers. (Of course, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.)

In addition, we will send you (a few) informative emails to highlight additional high-quality and free resources and technical content concerning your licensed software that we are sure you will find helpful. (Of course, you can also unsubscribe from these emails by clicking the link at the bottom of the email.)

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