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Overview of your advantages

10% credit on purchased licenses

We offer a discount of ten percent for purchase of new licenses and license upgrades for Atlassian software and several third party plugins. The discount can be used as credit toward services. The services can be individual consultation and answering your questions about using and configuring software, as well as configuration and expansion of the applications. In addition, it can be applied toward workshops and trainings. 

The first steps in an Atlassian project can be a challenge. The discount offers you the opportunity, to access professional support during your integration phase of Atlassian products without additional costs. As experience has shown, this can be especially valuable in the beginning stages of setting up and configuring the software.

When purchasing Enterprise licenses and/or licenses for several products or plugins with //SEIBERT/MEDIA, your credit for services will easily be four digits and thus allow for professional workshops or trainings. Even when licensing smaller instances, the credit often times will enable you to take advantage of individual desktop sharing sessions or detailed phone consultations with our experts.

Professional and free consultation on Atlassian licenses

//SEIBERT/MEDIA helps you set up you personal package of Atlassian licenses. We give you free consultation, which licenses are suitable for your plans, both for Atlassian products and third party plugins. We want to gain your trust as a customer beyond purchasing licenses, and are always focused on a fair business relationship. We will only suggest licenses to you, that you can really benefit from, even if that means less turnover for us.

Personal support instead of E-Mail support

The Atlassian support is known for quick and competent help. Generally, however, the support will be via e-mail or a publicly accessible JIRA instance. You will need to describe bugs and problems yourself and reproduce them, to receive support. 

//SEIBERT/MEDIA offers direct support. Through close connections with our clients, we generally have access to the particular instances. In case of a problem, our experts can access your system together with you (for example via a cost effective desktop sharing session). This allows us to work with you directly in your system and to identify and solve the source of the problem easily. This is what we call hands-on support.

High priority of your inquiries

In very urgent cases, we can escalate the issue with effectively. Many of our consultants, developer and administrators are licensed Atlassian experts. We therefore rarely need to involve Atlassian, but are able to dedicate our full attention to your actual escalation.

Personal contact to all Atlassian contacts

We personally know all Atlassian contacts for any Atlassian product, and can easily and individually contact them to get quick responses.

Your issue may reach the relevant contact on manufacturer side more effectively and quicker than through a direct support request or via the public JIRA instance, that Atlassian offers to clients for product development.

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