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The answer to this one question has always been the killer content for every intranet: what’s for lunch today? If you have a cafeteria, the caterer will usually provide you with a menu. If that’s not the case, your employees can use the intranet to arrange to meet up to eat. Some companies favor or even force cross-departmental communication with “lunch meet up” features like these. When you think of our “Intergalactic Flight Plan” for onboarding, you’ll remember several prompts: Go for a meal with the partners. Go for a meal with another team. Go for another meal with a different team. And so on.

Overview of the lunch menu on our intranet (source file:

Most people want to eat something warm at least once a day. And this is where our software helps to bring people together. Lunch is a classic way for your intranet team to deliver very valuable content over the intranet and even give it a social bent, if required.

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