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//SEIBERT/MEDIA is one of the biggest official sales partners of Atlassian Software in the world, and specialist in the complete Atlassian portfolio. With an experience from hundreds of Atlassian projects, we offer you all services concerning evaluation, licensing, introduction, configuration, scaling, and service of your Atlassian products from one source.

You are evaluating Atlassian systems or are planning an introduction? You need support with an ongoing project? You would like to configure or expand existing tools? Send your inquiry now to the Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner!





You will immediately receive for free when sending us an inquiry

  • Various video testimonials by Atlassian employees on //SEIBERT/MEDIA as an Atlassian partner.
  • Sample quotations which give you an overview of the many ways in which we can assist you.
  • Access to several articles in our weblog on Atlassian products, including product updates, articles with tutorials and best practices, summaries of interesting events and much more.
  • An overview of prices and costs for all Atlassian products.
  • Various video interviews with Atlassian staff on the different Atlassian products, their current status and their development.
  • Insights into the Atlassian world via videos and photos of big Atlassian events.
  • Detailed information on the free Atlassian Enterprise Club by //SEIBERT/MEDIA with exclusive events, free licensing consultation, opportunities for direct exchange with other Atlassian customers and more.

You will receive all these resources immediately after your inquiry - for free and with no further obligation.

Test Atlassian products immediately with all functions?

You would like to evaluate Atlassian products immediately? Use our Confluence hosting service SWIFT free and not binding for 30 days. Simply request your instance with the form below. It will be available shortly at the web address you choose.   

Our services around Atlassian software


We work with Atlassian tools internally and our experienced consultants perfectly know all Atlassian systems. We offer comprehensive tool and plugin consultation, strategic consultation, and consultation on licenses. We will gladly support you in developing introduction strategies and in activating your staff in using Atlassian software.


We are your partner for licensing of all Atlassian products and various plugins for Atlassian systems - with purchase of new licenses, you receive a 10% discount, which can be used toward services. We are in touch directly with all Atlassian decision makers.

Training and Workshops 

We offer individual workshops and training for all Atlassian products, suited to your specific needs - online and via phone with a desktop sharing session, or at your offices. 

Installation and Configuration

The first steps in a powerful and complex Atlassian product can be a challenge. //SEIBERT/MEDIA will be your professional support. Especially when installing and configuring software, this will be very valuable.

Individual Adaptation

It may be helpful, to adapt new systems to the specific requirements of your business. Functional adaptation, usability optimization and design adaptation to your corporate design will allow you to get more out of your Atlassian products. It will set the foundation for a more productive use. We will support you with our interdisciplinary agile teams.


//SEIBERT/MEDIA offers you hosting solutions for a reliable, scaleable service of your Atlassian tools. //SEIBERT/MEDIA's hosted virtual servers offer maximum reliability, performance, security and flexibility. Modern infrastructure and virtual technologies secure the service of your Atlassian enterprise applications.

Individual Plugin Development

Atlassian products can be adapted to special requirements via plugins. Even the ones, where there are now add-ons by Atlassian or third party providers. Our employees won the Atlassian Codegeist 2012, a plugin development challenge. We will gladly develop individual solutions to your specific cases.

Why //SEIBERT/MEDIA as partner for your Atlassian projects?

  • We are one of the biggest Atlassian partners in the world with experience in hundreds of Atlassian projects and locations in the USA, and Germany.
  • Leading Atlassian staff recommends //SEIBERT/MEDIA
  • We offer immediate access to free test environments for Atlassian products - with no further obligation.
  • You receive a 10% discount on licenses you purchase with //SEIBERT/MEDIA, which can be used towards services

Testimonials by Atlassian staff on //SEIBERT/MEDIA

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We are Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner


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