Q&A in Confluence: structure knowledge, dissolve pockets of knowledge, efficiently acquire information

Confluence Questions extends the existing social collaboration platform by a powerful and deeply integrated Q&A system, that offers many potentials to enterprises: dissolution of pockets of knowledge, a better structure of knowledge, establishment of points of contact with expertise across teams and locations, more efficiency in acquiring information and in providing information.

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Opportunities and advantages of Confluence Questions

  • Organization of knowledge by topic
  • Make specialized knowledge of all employees centrally available
  • Dynamic FAQ for any Confluence page
  • Seamless integration of questions and answers in Confluence search
  • Put questions in context thanks to Rich Text Editor: images, graphics, videos, tweets, code pieces, free formatting …
  • Validation of answers through rating
  • Expert panels for any topic: quickly identify experts
  • Less redundancies: dynamic suggestions during search avoid redundant questions and answers
  • Gamification elements for higher user activation




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