With the Linchpin Intranet Suite you can improve the exchange between your employees, use communication channels wisely and achieve an unhindered flow of information. Simply create a post, select the topic and share it with all your colleagues - for more collaboration and transparency in your company.

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The digital bulletin board in your company

Internal communication exists in every company. Perhaps you know the classic communication methods from your company in the form of e-mail, telephone or personal conversations. The exchange of information on current project progress, status updates or even the welcoming of new employees are just a few of the many examples of internal communication. These conversations are indispensable for smooth collaboration. This is the only way to keep colleagues in touch and provide them with the information they need for their work.

But internal communication does not only take place in the context of work. A "bulletin board," whether digital or analog, offers employees the opportunity to map private communication as well - for example, for apartment offers, the sale of products, or simple exchanges about interesting topics. This can boost cohesion and morale within the company and, among other things, makes for a more motivating and happier working atmosphere.

Of course, face-to-face is the most effective way to communicate. But due to the rapid digital development of recent years, communication is also in a constant state of change and thus subject to an optimization process. Digital tools can help us to communicate with each other on the go - and not only synchronously, but also time-delayed. We experience this in our private lives, but also in our everyday work: sharing information, ideas and feedback digitally with others in the company has never been easier.

Linchpin offers you a social intranet solution that does just that and makes communication in your company even better. All users in your Linchpin intranet can share information and news with their colleagues via the microblog. The microblog can be freely configured and integrated on the dashboard or on your team's homepage, for example. Via the microblog you can share texts, images, GIFs, videos and even Confluence pages and events in just a few seconds. In addition, you are offered various interaction options, such as commenting and liking a post, in order to promote the exchange with your employees. And if you ever want to search for an old post, Linchpin offers you an extensive filter function with which you can find any post again.

Of course, the Linchpin microblog is also available when you're on the go. With the Linchpin mobile app, you can access your timeline from anywhere and get the latest updates and information from your colleagues.

Microblogging at Seibert Media

At our company, the microblog serves as a central point of contact for short-term news that is shared with colleagues. This way, internal event announcements and new projects get the attention they need. Our product teams also provide regular insights into our products so that everyone can keep track of current developments in the company. And with the mobile app, this can be done on the go or from the home office.

In our short intranet story, Christina tells us how exactly we share information digitally in a company with almost 200 employees and how the microblog as part of the Linchpin Intranet Suite helps us in particular.

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The timeline - global or as a macro

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The microblog is the central place for entertaining, internal communication in your company. It clearly displays all of your colleagues' current posts, just as you are used to from private communication tools.

In addition to the global view of the posts, there is also the option of integrating the microblog on any Confluence page using a macro. Here you can freely configure whether the global timeline should be displayed or only the posts of a certain area or topic. The macro is thus particularly well suited for team or area start pages, for example.

In addition to a default theme, you can also configure the number of microposts and replies displayed. You can also define whether the sidebar with the topic selection should be shown or hidden.

Likes and comments

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When you find an interesting post, Linchpin offers you a few ways to interact with it.

You're probably already familiar with this feature from communication tools you use in a private context: With one click you can mark a post with "Like". Next to it, you will see an overview with the number of "likes" and a short preview of the profiles.

Below the post you will find the comments. Here, all employees can react to the post via formatted text or images and mark other comments with a "Like". In this way, an exchange can arise and any questions can be clarified directly in the thematic context.

If you want to share a post with a colleague, you can select the "Copy link" option from the menu. This will place the link to the corresponding post on your clipboard and you can share it with others via Google Chat or the communication channel of your choice.

Filter posts

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Looking for a post that was shared a long time ago? You can use the filter function to find an older post again.

You can search all posts by keywords or hashtags. You can also narrow down the search results to specific authors. Furthermore, with the filter function in Linchpin it is possible to set a time span for the search in order to limit the latter. So if you remember that in October your colleague had skis for sale, but you can no longer find the post, you can display only the posts that were shared in October.

You can also search by topic to filter the results. You can also do that from the sidebar. The microblog topics can be freely configured and assigned to corresponding areas, with the help of which you can also filter in the search.

Microblog to go

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All of Linchpin's microblogging features are available not only for desktop, but also mobile for your smartphone or tablet. This way, you can communicate with your colleagues on the go or in between, like and comment on posts as well as search and filter for past posts. Of course, you can also create new posts and share pages, events or other information on the go.

You can find Linchpin as an app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.



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