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The social intranet for your organization - based on Atlassian Confluence

Linchpin provides you with a centralized information and collaboration platform, with an open and transparent teamwork environment. Linchpin connects employees, no matter their time or location. Everyone has a personalized user-experience tailored only to them.

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Learn everything about Linchpin

In addition to the documentation of the Linchpin Intranet Suite, you will also find more information about Getting started, release notes and our help center.

Linchpin Suite Documentation

Learn what a Linchpin project looks like

The Linchpin project page provides an overview of the process, a time breakdown and explains the workshops integrated into the implementation project.

Linchpin projects



Start now with a free demo and do something for the social interaction in your company.

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Elevate collaboration to a new level, because your teams are more than just people working together.

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This page was last edited on 01/17/2022.