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Communicate securely and transparently with external users with the Linchpin Intranet Suite and bundle all important information in one place in a protected area. Reduce the communication load and waste less energy on emails - for faster and better results and the security of your customers, partners or suppliers.

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Secure and transparent exchange with external parties

Communication plays an important - if not the most important - role in a company's day-to-day work. Functioning communication and cooperation among each other is an important basic prerequisite for successful day-to-day business. Communication is mostly covered in personal conversations in meetings, short video calls or on the phone. E-mail in particular is frequently used for communication with others.

But especially the external communication with partners, suppliers or your customers can become a problem. Due to increasing globalization and networking, it is more important than ever to exchange information, keep it up to date and maintain an overview of what is necessary - and this across many participants, locations and sometimes even time zones! Communication with external parties, in particular, is therefore not just a matter of pure exchange. It is important that all the necessary information can be retrieved by all those involved and stored in a central location, safely protected from third parties, and that it can be retrieved at any time.

Security, collaboration and transparency in the exchange with external parties are provided by the Linchpin Intranet Suite with its extranet functions. Linchpin offers you a solution for effective exchange with external users in a secure area that makes all information available in a bundled and centralized form in one place, thus facilitating communication. As a result, you spend less time in meetings or on the phone and have more time for your projects, which can be completed more quickly. And thanks to the extensive release and restriction options for content, only those who have the appropriate access to this area can access it.

With Linchpin's extranet features you effectively reduce the communication burden, don't lose important information and promote transparency and trust.

External communication at Seibert Media

It's impossible to imagine our daily work at Seibert Media without the extranet. With Linchpin, we reduce the communication load and thus have to spend less energy on e-mails or phone calls. As a result, we make faster progress with our projects; everyone can read in directly and we thus promote transparency and trust.

Space Privacy ensures that our internal information is secured and data protection is guaranteed. While we have access to all information, we only grant external persons access to the one corresponding area. In this way, we protect the data of our customers, partners and suppliers.

In our short intranet story, Christina tells us exactly how we communicate securely, transparently and effectively with external parties in a company with almost 200 employees.

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All information in one place

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To stay in touch with external communication partners, you can easily create an extranet area. Here you can collect all important information and make it available to everyone.

You have access to all the usual functions of the Linchpin Intranet Suite. You can create pages, publish news and even create and integrate your own microblog just for this area. You can also add links relevant to this area, such as public information pages or planned events.

Of course, an extranet area can also be extensively customized and designed to match your corporate design or the topics covered in the area.

More security with permissions

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Extranet areas in Linchpin are secured against unauthorized persons and third parties. Via the administration you can define exactly who can create which content in your area and who can access which content - and who is allowed to access the content at all.

To make assigning permissions even easier, you can define different roles to which you can give a specific set of permissions. Each person who has access to the area can then be assigned a specific role. This then determines the pages the person can access and content they can create.

In addition to user roles, admin roles can also be defined in the administration.

Quick exchange with externals

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You can also integrate your own microblog into an extranet area. Here you can stay in touch with your external communication partners and always share new project updates, impressions or other entertaining information.

As with the intranet solution, you can like, comment on and share posts and thus stimulate communication and exchange. Events or news can also be easily shared via the microblog, which ensures more attention for the content.

The microblog can be integrated via macro, for example, on the division start page and can thus serve as a central point for concise, transparent communication with your external partners, suppliers or customers.

Communication to go

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All extranet functions of Linchpin are not only available for the desktop, but also mobile for your smartphone or tablet. This means you can access all important information and share things with your communication partners on the go.

For example, if you want to give external people a quick impression of an event, you can simply take a picture with your smartphone camera and then share it via the Linchpin mobile app in the corresponding extranet area. Of course, you can also like and comment on other posts.

You can find Linchpin as an app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.



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