Logging in to a Linchpin instance with Linchpin Mobile via a QR code is not possible and results in an error.


There are several potential causes for this issue which we collect in the list below. If none of the causes / resolutions fit your issue please contact us via

  • Is the certificate chain (including intermediate certificates) for the Linchpin instance you're trying to connect to still valid?
  • You're using an unknown CA (self signed certificates).
  • Is it possible for Linchpin to resolve requests to itself (internal requests)?


Depending on the potential cause of this issue try the following options:

  • Make sure the certificate chain (including intermediate certificates) of your Linchpin instance is valid.
  • Make sure the self signed certificate is deployed to all mobile devices that need to establish a connection with your Linchpin.
  • Make sure Linchpin can resolve internal requests to itself correctly. Also check the additional information over at

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How to proceed if the connection test for Linchpin Mobile Gateway fails

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This content was last updated on 02/10/2022.

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