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Select the Space layouts configuration

Linchpin Theme gives you the option to assign a new layout per space.

You can assign your space layouts to a space directly (step 3), or you can add category labels to your spaces to group them and then assign the category to a layout (step 4).

In the next few steps we will show you how to do it.

Space layouts overview

Clicking on the space layout option will bring you to the overview of all configured space layouts. 
The list will be empty if you have just installed LTP.

To add a space layout, simply enter a name for it in the input box and click on "Add space layout".
This will create a space layout which you can configure further. To do so, click the edit pencil.

Configure and apply your space layout

Now you will be presented a familiar screen, which looks like the "Configuration" for the global layout.
A space layout will override a global configuration.

  • Name of space layout: This is the name of the space layout you are editing. You can rename it here.
  • Assigned spaces: Here you can assign spaces to which your layout will apply.
  • Assigned space categories: Here you can assign space categories to which your layout will apply. See the next step for how to assign space categories.

Space layouts have almost the same features of the global configuration, except for the dashboard settings and custom CSS/JavaScript.

If you need to use custom CSS/JavaScript for a specific space, do that in the global configuration. 
A space layout will set a special body attribute which can be used as a CSS or JavaScript selector.

Apply a category label to your space

  • Click on "Space directory" in your footer area, section "Intranet tools".
  • Click on the space you want to assign to a category.
  • Click on "Space tools" in the bottom left corner of your site and select "Overview".
  • Click on "edit" next to your space category field.
  • Type a new or existing label/text and save.

The label you applied can be used in the layout configuration, see below.

Apply your space category to a space layout

Just type in the name of your space category in the "Assigned space categories" field.