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With version 2.22 of Linchpin User Profiles, the Profile Editor receives a massive overhaul and the field type "phone without validation" is dropped.

Upgrade to 2.22

There should be zero problems caused by an upgrade to User Profiles 2.22. Still, we would like to draw your attention to a few things that are going to change. 

In previous versions, the contact area had a fixed position (in the header area of a profile, next to the profile picture). The configuration of profile fields in this area was only possible there. Furthermore, not all field types were supported in the contact area.

This changes with version 2.22.

Now, all profile fields work the same and there's no difference between contact section and other profile sections. All profile fields are configured in the same main area of the profile and can be assigned to any profile section.

This also means that you can now assign any profile field of any field type to the contact area in the header of the profile. The header is still restricted to at most three header fields in total.

The second main change is that these fields will now appear twice - they are displayed both in the header area and in the main profile area below the header.

Old profile header area

New profile header area

What happens when I update to 2.22 from an earlier version?

User Profiles

We will automatically generate a new profile section named "Contact" when updating. The profile fields from the old contact area in the header (which previously didn't have a place in the actual profile below the header) will be placed in this section.

Additionally, their configuration is kept intact, so they will still be displayed in the new header.

This new section, "Contact", is a regular section for all intents and purposes. You can keep it as it is, rename it to anything else you would like, move some or all of its fields to other places, or delete an empty "Contact" section entirely.

There is nothing special about its function or name.

By the way: Profile sections were formerly known as profile categories in versions 2.21 and older.

Fields of type phone

In User Profiles 2.20, we introduced the phone number field with input validation (see Profile field types overview (2.21 and older)). The previously used field "Phone number without input validation" was deprecated as part of this change, and will be replaced with the new type when upgrading to 2.22.

If you are still using fields of type phone without validation, we will automatically migrate the field contents to the new field type.

In some cases you might not want that to happen.

For example: Your users don't enter their complete phone numbers but only their speed dial number (or other partial numbers) into this field. The new phone number field would mark these numbers as invalid.

For this case, please change the field type to a simple text field before updating, to avoid the automatic migration which would mark all content as invalid otherwise.

There's a feature missing in the list that would increase the product's value for your company? Let us know!

Simply visit our feedback board for Linchpin User Profiles and create a feature request, vote for existing posts or discuss your ideas with other customers.

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.