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2.10 Release Notes

Experience the new and powerful expert search to easily find colleagues in your intranet


  • Now you can use the "AND" operator in the Custom User Search macro
  • The Custom User Lists macro provides CQL queries in the new expert mode
  • You can search for entire phrases and it is possible to use wildcards in your search requests
  • The Profile Macro shows a nicer message when a user could not be found


  • Increased performance for the "Custom user search"
  • Improved descriptions when editing a category in the profile editor


  • Fixed Skype status when hovering over a username

Technical Information

In Linchpin User Profiles 2.10 we improved the search backend and switched completely to a CQL based search. To benefit from this immediately after the upgrade to 2.10 it is necessary to rebuild the index completely. You can trigger this by yourself, please consider that this may take some time.
Alternatively you can skip that since the index will progressively update itself. Then the fully featured Linchpin User Profiles search will improve progressively as well.

Important Note:

The "custom landing spaces" have been moved, you can find this feature in our Linchpin Theme Plugin. There is a migration process so that there should be no need to reconfigure your landing spaces.

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