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2.18.1 Release Notes

Hotfix release

  • We fixed an incompatibility with Linchpin Enterprise News 2.9.0 and older. Your configured news tile colors now really work.

2.18.0 Release Notes

Customizable login screen and improved support for Linchpin Mobile


  • Linchpin login
    Customize your login screen with a background picture and a welcome message.
  • Spaces macro
    Display a selection of spaces using the same filter types you can find in the space directory. You can also display multiple categories together or a group of individually chosen spaces.
  • Support for Linchpin Mobile
    The teaser macro is now supported in Linchpin Mobile.


  • Fixed the view mode switch button in the space directory that was not appearing on IE11 .
  • Removed unnecessary title of sidebar icon SVGs.
  • Put LTP sidebar icons in their place so they no longer poke through search and inline dialogs.
  • The kicker in news tiles (Cover Stories or News Hub within Linchpin Enterprise News) is correctly colored again .

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