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The brand new space directory offers an overview of all spaces in your Confluence instance. It also offers filter functions to quickly navigate between spaces.

What is the space directory?

The space directory is an overview of all spaces within a Confluence system.

It offers filters like global spaces, favorite spaces or personal spaces. You can also use the search bar to find spaces more quickly. 

You can also filter the spaces via space categories and space types. Furthermore, you can toggle between tile and list view.

Create spaces

You can create new spaces from within the space directory.

To create a space, click on the Create space button. You will find this button in the upper right corner of the screen.

A new window will open. Select the type of space you wish to create.

Enter a name for your space and a space key. Then, decide whether your space should be private or public. Finally, click on the Create button.

A space key is a unique combination of letters and numbers which is used in URLs. It's like a short link for spaces.

The space key can be changed in Space tools > Overview.

For example, if your space key was "XYZ", your space URL would be "".

Different types of spaces

Blank space

A blank space is the default type of a space. You can fully customize the content of the space. 

Extranet space

An extranet space is a protected space. It's designed to collaborate with external users.


You have to choose a name for the space and a space key. Furthermore, you need to assign at least one Extranet User Manager and Extranet Space Manager.

Extranet Space Managers have the control over the space and can edit the permissions of users or user groups.

Extranet User Managers can add new users to a space and assign them pre-defined permissions. They can view all users inside a space, but do not have space administration rights.

Personal space

Every user can create a personal space. User can use their space to store their notes and ideas and share their own news via blog. The personal space also offers a link to the user's profile and a calendar page.

Users can decide whether their personal space is private or public.

Only users who do not have a personal space yet will see the button to create one.

This content was last updated on 03/12/2020.

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