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The menu personalization functionality is available only if you installed the Linchpin Intranet Suite.

How to access menu personalization

Navigate to Confluence administration > Linchpin Navigation Menus > Personalization.

Alternatively, click on the settings icon in your Linchpin header, then click on Menu > Personalization.

How to access menu personalization

Choose profile fields for personalized menus

Select up to three user profile fields to create a menu based on a user's profile. Assign menu entries inside the Menu Structure tab.

If you allow anonymous users to view the menu, they will only be shown menu items without assigned field values.

Using our Custom User Profile app, you can greatly extend the range of available profile fields (including fields that are maintained in an LDAP/AD).

Display personalized menus based on user values

Now, with defined profile fields for personalization, head over the the Menu Structure tab.

You can now define the profile field values for every menu entry.

For example: 

Let's say you have chosen "Country" and "Branch" as your personalization attributes. Now, every time you add a menu entry, you can define what the fields "Country" and "Branch" should correspond to.

For example, enter "USA" in the "Country" field and "Washington" in the "Branch" field. Your menu entry will only be shown to users with "Country: USA" and "Branch: Washington" defined in their user profile.

For complete instructions on how to add personalized menu entries, head over to the "Add menu items" documentation.

Wildcards and logical operators

Wildcards and logical operators help to create even more complex filters based on Confluence user values.

In the past, you have already been able to assign menu items to specific profile field values. Now you can also use wildcards in addition to those exact values. You can also create more complex filters using logical operators (AND, OR, NOT).

For example: You could show a menu item to all users that have not selected English as their Confluence language ("NOT en*").

Wildcard / Operator



blank fieldmatches any value 
matches everything
?matches a single characterC?O 
matches CEO and CTO
(but not C3PO, since more than one character is replaced)
*matches 0 or more charactersen* 
matches en , en_GB , en_US
(but not "men", since the asterisk is placed behind "en")
ORLogical "or" operatoren_GB OR fr_FR 
matches en_GB and fr_FR
(but not de_DE)
ANDLogical "and" operatoren* AND *GB 
matches all values that start with en and end with GB (en_GB)
NOTLogical "not" operatoren* AND NOT en_US 
matches all values that start with en, except for en_US

Filter limitations

Due to "Wildcards and logical operators", it is not possible to use key words in filter attributes.

As a workaround, replace the key words with the same number of "?" signs. Or replace at least one letter of a word with a "?".

These keys are case sensitive, so "And" or "and" would not match.

Filter attribute



New York (State)New York ?State?( )
NOT for everybodyNO? for everybodyNOT
This OR ThatThis O? ThatOR

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