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Linchpin User Profiles - Documentation

Create a meaningful and up to date profile

See the documentation for your Release


2.1 Release Notes

Custom User Profiles now comes with a more powerful contact macro.


  • The "Subline Field" will now be displayed in the My Contacts Macro.
  • Changed the Custom User Search Macro to improve the search results.


  • Pool your favorite contacts in individual groups.
  • Add custom notes to your contacts.
  • Change your system language directly while editing your profile.
  • The Custom User Profile is now Data Center compatible.


  • Fixed the missing profile header when using a 3rd party theme.
  • Fixed a bug in the localization of category labels via property file
  • Fixed a bug occurring in the rendering of cascading profile fields

Please be aware that downgrading from this version to a version smaller than 2.0 may result in unwanted side effects. Only experienced administrators should consider this step.


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