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2.0 Release Notes

Enhance your profile using the new contact area header and two column layout 


  • Let the Custom User Profile shine in a new light with version 2.0. We overhauled the whole design with a new contact area and a two column layout to put the most important information into the foreground.
  • Get to know the new "Subline field" that will be displayed globally underneath the user's full name.
  • Discover the new "Layout" tab in the profile editor to create meaningful category layouts with ease.
  • Enhance user recognition with larger profile pictures.
  • Experience the improved visuals in the vCards.


  • Limit the size of user profile pictures to take the load off your server.


  • We removed the overlap of the HipChat status and our "favorite user" function in the vCard.
  • The Custom User List can handle special characters better now.
  • We fixed some issues in the dynamic and personalized setting of the Custom Landing Pages.
  • We fixed a bug regarding the clearing of multiselect fields.

Please be aware that downgrading from this version may result in unwanted side effects. Only experienced administrators should consider this step.


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