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Linchpin User Profiles - Documentation

Create a meaningful and up to date profile

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1.17 Release Notes

Enhance your profile using the new multiline text field with embedded links. 


  • Introducing new field types for clickable phone numbers and instant messenger links for easier communication.
  • Enabled pre-sorting of the custom user list by a specific field.


  • Email addresses are now clickable in user profiles and in all of our macros.
  • Importing data from XML is now enabled for almost all field types.


  • Fixed an issue with the datepicker while editing a page in Confluence 6.
  • Fixed an issue in the Custom User List Macro displaying the value "undefined" in a column.
  • Using Confluence groups for providing custom landing pages for different users works again
  • The profile macro is displayed with an icon again.
  • Landing spaces can be configured via Confluence groups again.
  • We made the LDAP synchronisation more robust
  • Fixed the Custom User Search in the "Network" tab in the profile section.


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