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Linchpin User Profiles - Documentation

Create a meaningful and up to date profile

See the documentation for your Release


1.14 Release Notes

We are happy to announce support for Confluence 5.9!


* Added compatibility for Confluence 5.9
* Added incremental synchronization for confluence directories via LDAP


* Fixed an issue that could cause an exception during an LDAP sync
* Fixed an Org Chart issue: Subordinates will now be removed from their former superior's profile info after a change
* Custom User Search can now be implemented on your dashboard
* Fixed an issue that could prevent correct storing of user field values
* Fixed an issue that could cause an exception while configuring a profile picture
* Restored the ability to store multiple values in one field
* Plus fixes for several smaller issues

Known issues

* New profile fields added after activating the incremental LDAP sync require a one-time full sync in order to be synchronized properly


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