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What are timeslots?

This new feature enables you to organize events that are being split into multiple sub-events that can booked by participants.

How can I see timeslots?

Wherever events are being shown, there's an indicator if an event has timeslots. You will see a small calender icon with a clock indicating that this event has timeslots.

The overview shows how many timeslots this event has, as well as the duration for each timeslot. It also shows you the slot you have signed up for yourself if you already have done so.

You can see even more details about the timeslots, sign up for one or have a look at the participants if you click on the event name and then switch to the new tab called "Timeslots". The number in brackets indicates how many timeslots for this event exist.

Within this new tab you now have a detailed view of the timeslots, such as which timeslot is booked and which is available.

How do I sign up for a specific timeslot?

With regular events, you simply click the button "Sign me up" and you're all set. With timeslots, there's an additional step involved: You need to select which timeslot you want to sign up for. In order to do so, you click on the "Sign me up" button, and a window with all the available timeslots pops up. 

Select the timeslot you want to sign up for by clicking the circle, then hit the button "Sign me up" again. 

If the event allows you to sign up other people, you can do that here as well: Click on the downward arrow on the right hand side of the timeslot you want to sign someone up for, enter their name and click "Add". 

How do I create timeslots for an event?

To create timeslots for an event, either for an existing one or one that you create just now, in the editing window for an event you select the tab called "Timeslots". There you'll find a toggle to turn timeslots for this event on or off. 

Then type in the minutes of the duration for the timeslots. On the right hand side, you can see a preview of the timeslots that will be available.

Underneath the "Minutes per timeslot" you can see a hint, which shows you how many timeslots have been created for the duration of your event.

Click on the "Save" button to save the changes.

Important Information
  • When editing an existing event that already has participants, you cannot enable or disable timeslots. If you want to do that, you'll have to remove all participants first, then enable or disable timeslots. 
  • Timeslots are currently not available for all-day events

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