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Why should I use the Confluence Protractor Base?

As mentioned before, the Confluence Protractor Base provides functions for typical Confluence actions that are not part of your app logic. Some examples are creation and removal of spaces, pages and users or the insertion of macros. The Confluence Protractor Base is written to help you keep the focus on your app logic. Furthermore these basic functions support several Confluence versions and database systems.

How do I start writing UI tests in my own app?

Please have a look at the Tutorial: How to add UI Tests to a Confluence app?

Where do I find an overview for the provided functions?

Have a lock at the API documentation on github:

How does Protractor differ from plain Jasmine testing?

In fact writing UI tests with Protractor is not very different from plain Jasmine tests, it simply adds some functions to test in the UI. So if you are familiar with Jasmine it is really easy to write your first tests.

Can I use the Confluence Protractor Base with Typescript?

As you might have noticed, the Confluence Protractor Base is written in Typescript. You may use the Library in JavaScript as well as in TypeScript.

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