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Old version

This documentation refers to an old version of the Custom User Profile. The latest version uses the Confluence build-in LDAP configuration. See: CUP - Administration Guide 1.7  

LDAP Configuration

In Administration Console select "LDAP Configuration" under "Extended User Profile".

Insert the required data to enable the plugin to load user profile data from LDAP if possible.

In Release 1.3 there is furthermore a Quicktest-Button to test your connection, before you actually synchronizing your data.


Server Settings

HostHostname of the server running LDAP. Mandatory.
PortPort number for LDAP host. Mandatory. Default: 389
Bind DN or userBind DN or user for LDAP connection.
PasswordPassword for LDAP connection.

Search Settings

Base DNRoot node in LDAP from which to search for users and groups. Mandatory.
User AttributeUnique user attribute representing Confluence user name. Mandatory.
User Update Search Filter

LDAP query filter for updating users. Mandatory.

To use the configured date (see section LDAP sync) insert place holder [last_sync_timestamp]


 LDAP sync

Last LDAP sync date

If the marker [last_sync_timestamp] in User Update Search Filter is set, the marker is replaced with this date. It is formatted with Pattern for last modification. The date is automatically updated after successful synchronization.

  • Format: dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss
  • If the field is left blank, 1970-01-01 00:00:00 will be assumed.
23-05-2010 15:00:00
Pattern for last modificationPattern to format last modification date in LDAP User Update Search Query.


These configurations are used to create an LDAP connection when

  • a user clicks "Update profile" in his or her profile page.
  • the synchronization job is triggered (either automatically or manually by an administrator). See: Scheduled profile update job


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