What is "pic2wiki"?

This is a mobile app, that will help you to upload photos on our smartphone and tablet quickly to your wiki. It's a lightning fast way to share your meeting 'notes' with your coworkers on the Confluence Wiki:

1. Take photos on your device. We support iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.
2. Tell the app where to put the photos
3. Upload and share them with your coworkers in your Confluence Wiki

Why should I use this mobile app?

The benefits of this app are numerous:

  • After a meeting you instantly get your wiki meeting notes
  • Fast and easy sharing of the wiki page with co-workers
  • Save time and work adding photos on the go to your wiki
  • Add your photos to your wiki fast and easily
  • Direct access to meeting result for all meeting participants
  • Omit the hassle with retrieving and uploading fotos for your wiki pages from your smartphone

Technical prerequisits

You need an Atlassian confluence wiki (at least version 4) with the remote api turned on (default: deactivated).

Screenshot of confluence administrative area:



On Android 4.4 selecting an existing picture will only work when using the "Gallery". So when it says "Recent", "Drive", "Images", and "Downloads", at the bottom of that list will be "Gallery". That should work.

How do I get it?

Who will answer my questions?

We have a support software, that will help you to reach our support staff. Simply send an email to pic2wiki@on-the-net.de to get in contact.


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