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In addition to initial licences, you can also purchase support extensions and upgrade your current user tier through //SEIBERT/MEDIA. You can find all details below.

With the new license model, Atlassian offers Confluence Enterprise in addition to Confluence. Confluence Enterprise is aimed at Confluence customers which use a large number of instances and thus have a high volume of users, and therefore often require support, training and certification courses. You can find details about these services here:

Initial purchase

With the one-time purchase of a license you will receive a perpetual license for the software, as well as license support from Atlassian for one year, which allows you to send support requests and update the software. After this initial support period has ended, you have the option of extending the support, and you can see those costs in the tab "Optional extension".

See whether you qualify for academic licenses.

Optional support extension

You can continue to work with your existing license for as long as you desire. To continue to benefit from updates and security patches after the one year support contract expires, we recommend you extend your support contract.

Upgrade the user tier of your licenses

Every upgrade includes 12 months of software updates and developer support starting on the day of order and payment. Existing support contracts will be replaced by this new support period.

High availability with Data Center licenses

Atlassian Data Center ensures your Atlassian applications are highly available and fully scalable. This Data Center model is available for Confluence, JIRA and Bitbucket.


Unlike Server renewal prices, costs for Data Center software remain the same each year.

All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.

This content was last updated on 10/25/2019.

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