JIRA is an excellent option for executing task management with agile processes. //SEIBERT/MEDIA itself uses Scrum and Kanban to complete customer projects and uses JIRA intensely for the support of its own processes, which is one of the reasons why we can advise you so thoroughly on this topic.


Basic in USD

Recommended in USD

High-end in USD

Workshop on how to organize task management

At the beginning of the workshop, we will work collaboratively with you on defining your expectations for a task management system; this will include your goals as well as output. After we determine the status quo within your organization, we will introduce you to the agile methods Scrum and Kanban in detail, and explain the components of Lean Management. The goal of the workshop is to define standard processes for tasks within your organization.

The workshop is designed with the assumption that the participants will have a working knowledge of the basics of agile methods. If this is not the case, then the workshop will take somewhat longer, depending on the level of existing knowledge. The workshop is divided into a preparation phase of two hours and the actual workshop phase of six hours.

Based our experiences we recommend: 8 x 200 = 1,600
Lower Level: 6 x 200 = 1,200 / High-end: 12 x 200 = 2,400




Deep thinking about how to improve task management

Every 4-8 weeks, we will lead two ‘retrospective’ sessions with you, during which the introduced processes will be examined for possible improvement. To do this, we will use reliable techniques to illuminate the tools being used and develop suggestions for improvement.

Each retrospective session requires four hours, and there is a one-hour pre- and post-workshop session for preparation and debriefing. Usually, such retrospective sessions follow the workshop on how to organize task management. Otherwise, the time required to prepare will usually be longer, depending on the task management that you are using.

Based on our experience we recommend: 12 x 200 = 2,400 
Lower Level: 8 x 200 = 1,600 / High-end: 16 x 200 = 3,200




Workshop on JIRA basics

In a six-hour workshop, our consultant will work with you on the basics of using JIRA and will introduce you to the basics of configuring JIRA Agile (formerly Greenhopper). There is a two-hour preparation period prior to the workshop.

It is also possible to have your employees certified after the workshop through a Moodle-based test. This can be ordered at 200 USD/person.

Based on our experience we recommend: 8 x 140 = 1,120
Lower Level: 6 x 140 = 840 / High-end: 12 x 140 = 1,680




Workshop on agile development

In a six-hour workshop, we will work on the following topics, which are essential for using agile methods with JIRA:

  •  Using JIRA for process support in task management (2h)
  •  Working with versions and sprint planning (2h)
  •  Definition of workflows (2h)
    It is also possible to have your employees certified after the workshop through a Moodle-based test. This can be ordered at USD 275 per person.

Based on our experience we recommend: 6 x 200 = 1,200 
Lower Level: 4 x 200 = 800 / High-end: 10 x 200 = 2,000




Workshop on reporting using JIRA

In this workshop we will work on fundamental topics for reporting using JIRA, which include:

Using dashboards (2h)
Working with Kanban metrics (4h)
Measuring time and reporting (2h)

Based on our experience we recommend: 8 x 140 = 1,200
Lower Level: 6 x 140 = 840 / High-end: 12 x 140 = 1,680




Professional user workshop for agile project management

In this workshop we will discover the powerful possibilities offered by the JIRA Agile (formerly Greenhopper) plugin. We introduce you to the details of agile project management. Capacity planning and the visual overviews of this additional module are also a major aspect of our workshop. According to your requirements, we will identify, develop, and implement – corresponding to the user roles defined in advance – practical overview pages and dashboards that have been customized to your individual needs. The workshops can take place at your location or via a remote desktop sharing session.

Based on our experience we recommend: 8 x 170 = 1,360
Lower Level: 4 x 170 = 680 / High-end: 12 x 170 = 2,040








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