An overview of services and pricing for establishing Jira as a task-management tool

This document offers you a complete list of our Jira portfolio of services for your overview and/or the purpose of internal discussions.

How should I read the quotes listed below?

As you read through the various options please keep in mind that we only charge for actual services rendered and hours worked. There is no extra buffer charge or flat sum pricing. If you believe that we will need less time for one thing or another, or that there are some services that your company can handle, then we will happily customize our offer with this in mind. We have tried to give you a good overview by showing you our recommendation (median with 50%), the lower quartile (25%), and the upper quartile (75%) regarding how a less expensive Jira project or a qualitatively perfect Jira project may develop with regards to technical issues.

Now it's up to you to decide whether you would prefer “simple and less expensive” or “premium and more intensive”.

It goes without saying that both smaller and larger projects receive the same level of professionalism (earned through providing Internet services since 1996 and sharpened by the experience gained from numerous enterprise wiki projects).

We would suggest that you take some time and examine the options listed below. We are happy to explain any of the contents in more detail to help you decide between the many options.



Licensing fees for Jira (commercial licenses)

Number of users (max)











10 USD

1,200 USD

2,200 USD

4,000 USD

-8,000 USD

12,000 USD

16,000 USD

20,000 USD

24,000 USD

Jira Agile

10 USD

600 USD

1,100 USD

2,000 USD

4,000 USD 





The decision for or against commercial software should depend on what you consider to be your target budget as well as your targeted level of software usability.

Regarding Jira licenses, we would recommend that you also read here. You will find detailed information for acquiring Jira and corresponding prices.

Content for group workshops and some preparatory work

As we already mentioned in the offer postings, you can also take a look at our public wiki to see possible content choices for a group workshop as well as some preparatory work that can be considered in advance.

General information and limitations

Services not included

  • Ongoing consulting and support of Jira
  • We recommend the signing of a more complete service agreement to follow the project
  • Personal innovation presentations (update presentations regarding software development, “keeping up with current trends”)
  • Moving the system to a customer’s server or the delivery of VM-ware installations are relatively easy to accomplish

Additional information

Our price calculations are based on the following specific hourly rates

  • Partner: 190 USD/hour
  • Executive: 160 USD/hour
  • Senior: 140 USD/hour
  • Staff: 110 USD/hour

Differing prices in the above quote may arise due to the division of labor among employees with varying levels of qualifications.

Scheduling and project duration

//SEIBERT/MEDIA has a great deal of experience with Jira projects. We could come up with results quickly, but we are also very strong regarding strategic consulting and preparation. In this regard, we will be happy to work within your timeframe. If you want to get started as quickly as possible, we can get you the raw software within a number of days and begin with the consulting. In other words, it can start almost immediately. Usually, however, customers prefer to take between six weeks and six months for their first Jira pilot project. Let’s talk about what is most important to you.

We thank you for your interest and are excited for your business. Should you have any questions, we are ready to help you on the telephone, by e-mail or in person.

Further info about Atlassian Jira

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