Help your customers and employees to help themselves. Integrate a help desk according to ITIL standards and link it to your Jira application with ease. Extend your help desk with individual SLAs and custom fields and set individual access rights for customers or employees.

We would be happy to provide advice on any of the apps listed above and help you implement this use case in your company - we can also provide you with test keys for the respective apps. Simply fill in the contact form on the right or contact us directly by phone on +49 611-20570-120 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Extension for Jira Service Desk

Extend your Jira Service Desk with SLAs and dynamic forms.

Refined Theme for Jira Service Desk

Design your own theme for your customer portal and improve usability and identification.

More about Refined Theme


Populate custom fields in Jira with data from external databases such as LDAP, CMDB, etc.

Queue Collapse for Jira Service Desk

Organize your Jira Service Desk issues into hierarchical structures.


Easily manage your customers' and teams' permissions by using "Zones".

External help desk (ITIL)

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