...is an add-on for Jira Service Desk that enables you to customize your helpdesk solution, make Jira Service Desk consistent with your brand and improve self service options.

Why using Refined Theme?

Like Refined Theme for Confluence, Refined Theme for Jira Service Desk enables you to customize the standard Atlassian theme. Especially for helpdesk solutions, branded interfaces are crucial to provide an optical guideline for the customers and extend the customer experience.

Create your own theme from scratch or choose from various designs available online to get a solution that makes the customer feel at home. Transport your brand attributes and create a solution that makes it easily to file an issue or even pointing out your knowledge base to make the customers help themselves.


Number of usersCommercial licensesAcademic licenses
1010 USD10 USD
25400 USD200 USD
50750 USD375 USD
1001,500 USD750 USD
2502,500 USD1,250 USD
5004,000 USD2,000 USD
2.0005,500 USD2,750 USD
10.0007,000 USD3,500 USD
10.000+9,000 USD4,500 USD

Benefits of the plugin

  • Differentiation
    Take Jira Service Desk away from the standard look and feel in a second with a variety of different custom themes to make your customer helpdesk more desirable to use
  • Customization
    Create a theme that suits your corporate identity using the theme editor - even for multiple customer portals
  • Improve self service options
    Make your knowledge base a core part of your helpdesk to help your clients help themselves


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