The bigger your enterprise is, and the more critical Atlassian Tools are in your company, the more weight you will be assigned, such as with Service Level Agreements, 24x7 problem solving, and personal direct advice from the Atlassian to three primary contacts within your company. Atlassian Premier Support is the solution to these requirements.

Comparison of benefits

ServiceServer SupportCloud SupportPremier Support*
Self-service support using Atlassian Documentation(tick)(tick)(tick)
Online inquiries via a ticket system(tick)(tick)(tick)
Support availability24 x 524 x 724 x 7**
Reply times in hours (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4)1/4/8/241/4/8/240.5/2/8/24
Supported products11All
Primary contacts within your company  3
First response from a senior support manager  24 x 5
Global transfer to support teams  24 x 5
Telephone support  24 x 7**
Priority ticket escalation  (tick)
Onboarding process with Atlassian  (tick)

Solutions arising from other support requests sent to primary contacts


* To use Premier Support, all of your licenses must be in a valid support period.
** All products are supported on weekends, but only Level 1 requests are processed for HipChat, Crowd and Atlassian's development tools (Bitbucket Server, Bamboo, Clover, FishEye and Crucible).   

Advantages of Premier Support

  • Prioritized requests
    As a Premier Support customer, you can rely on a team of experienced senior Atlassian support staff, especially created for Premier Support customers, to process your queries quickly and directly. Even on the weekend, when the Premier Support staff are not available, your queries will be prioritized higher than other requests. Your issues will be escalated to developers and the product team, if necessary, bringing all people on board who may be able to help with a solution.

  • Onboarding with your Atlassian tools
    The Atlassian staff will go through an onboarding process with you, to discover possible pitfalls and familiarizing themselves with the central data of your instance, so that everyone understands your situation in subsequent queries. You can nominate three primary contacts in your company who will work with the Atlassian Premier Support staff. Existing solutions arising from past customer support, including from other customers' issues, are sent to your primary contacts if a connection to your support cases is detected.

  • Global support team
    If you have support cases in different locations globally, the Atlassian Support team will switch to appropriate time zones in order to work on the solutions. The transfer is seamless and all necessary information is handed over. No delays are caused by different time zones and their working hours.

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