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Import issues to Issue Templates

Date: July 25th, 2022


  • You can now import existing issues with child issues to your Issue Template. Based in this, it is comfortable to start using Easy Issue & Subtask Templates if you have used other templating solutions before or have worked with manually applied templates (e.g. clone issue).
  • If you have a Subtask Template with more than approx. eight subtasks, those will now be created in the correct order

Cascading Field Type & Default Values Release

Date: July 6th, 2022


  • Thanks to your feedback, we are now working on support for more issue field types. We are happy to share that you are able to use custom fields based on the cascading field type. This applies for both - Subtask and Issue Templates.
  • Variables are perfect if you want to streamline your processes with Jira templates. To improve this feature, you can now define default values which are set when a user does not add a value by himself. 
  • Subtask Templates are sorted in alphabetical order
  • Add a suffix when you customize a Subtask Template

Issue Template Release

Date: April 2022


We are proud to present Issue Templates! Use Easy Issue & Subtask Templates to streamline your processes for many kinds of use cases, e.g. employee onboarding or IT Support. Create Templates for complete sets of Epics, Issues and Subtask. Define variables to simplify issue creation. 

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