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If you want to use Linchpin Translations to translate Linchpin into other Languages, you need the translation keys in order to translate them to other languages.


First of all Confluence offers an easy way to identify the keys for most element of the user interface. You can activate them, by adding a special parameter to the URL.


You can also disable this mode in a similar fashion.


Full lists

There is also a not documented API to get all keys and the translation for the current user. You can use them to create language packs with or without Linchpin Translations. You can do so, by passing the individual app key for which you want the translation keys. The below example shows this for our Linchpin Events app.


The examples below show this for our more complex apps.

Linchpin User Profiles

To translate LUP profile fields, simply use the field names (not the cup ID below!) verbatim as translation keys. Make sure to use plain text names here, spaces etc. are not recommended. Edit the field name if necessary, since you are going to translate it anyways:

Additionally, you can use the following call to get all keys for Linchpin User Profiles and the bundled apps themselves.


Linchpin Theme

You can use this call, to get all keys for Linchpin Theme Profiles and the bundled apps.


Linchpin Manager

You can use this call, to get all keys for Linchpin Manager and the bundled apps.


Linchpin Suite

You can use this call, to get all keys for the Linchpin Suite and all Linchpin apps.


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