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What does the "sticky" option do?

Display news as "sticky" to highlight them. This option will pin news to the very top of the Corporate News Feed macro and the Personal News Feed macro until the highlight option expires. 

To activate this option you will have to choose an expiration date and time. The news will stay sticky until the date and time are reached. Then, the sticky news will be put back in their original chronological order.


You can also edit news and deactivate the checkbox again to manually remove the "sticky" status of news.

Activate the option

Edit any blog post.

At the very top of the edit window, you will find a collapsable menu with extended news configuration.

Click on the Additional information for this blog post button to open this menu.

Navigate to the first tab called schedule publication.

Here, activate the Sticky until checkbox.

Now, please choose an expiration date and time. Your news will stay sticky until this date is reached.

Finally, click on the Save additional information button and then publish your blog post.


Time zone support

The date and time settings for sticky news / highlighting news work in your own local time zone. The date and time displayed to you always uses the time zone you are currently in.

To find out which time zone you are located in, we take a look at the settings in your browsers. The browser, in turn, takes those settings from your computer. 

The separate time zone setting located in your Confluence user profile settings will be ignored by Linchpin Enterprise News. We decided to always prefer the time zone of your computer because, in our experience, most users don't even know that such a Confluence setting exists and it's often not configured or not configured correctly.

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This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.