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How the Microblog Placeholder macro works

The Microblog Placeholder macro is intended for implementation in templates. Insert the Microblog Placeholder macro into a template. Every time an user creates a new page using said template, a Microblog will be created.

This Microblog will automatically be configured to display a timeline of the space in which it was created.

Example: If you create a template for a space called "Events" and include the Microblog Placeholder macro in it, every time a user uses this template to create a page in the "Event" space, a Microblog will be generated on said page. It will include all microposts of the "Event" space.

How to configure templates

To configure or to create new templates, you need to access the "Content tools" inside of "Space Tools" settings.

While inside the space you wish to create a template for, click on the Space tools button in the left Confluence sidebar. Then, click on the Content Tools button. 

Once inside the "Content Tools" settings, click on the Create New Template button. 

Insert the Microblog Placeholder macro.

To do that, click on the Insert more content  button, then click on Other macros. Search for Microblog Placeholder and select it.

The ID can be set whatever you want. Click on the Insert button.

Add the rest of the content

If the template should include other content, add it now. Save the template when you're done.

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.