This privacy policy describes how we, //SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH, Kirchgasse 6, 65185 Wiesbaden, Germany, treat your personal information and data when you use //SEIBERT/MEDIA marketplace apps, hereafter referred to as "apps" or "the app". //SEIBERT/MEDIA is responsible for the creation of the product. //SEIBERT/MEDIA is responsible for ensuring this privacy policy is applied regarding the use of the apps.

Marketplace Apps Confluence Server & Data Center

Linchpin App Usage (Anonymous statistical analysis)

As software developers, we are very interested in anonymous usage statistics. Anonymous usage statistics help us to further develop and improve our apps to meet customer needs. This therefore represents the purpose of collecting anonymous statistical usage data. 

Only the apps developed by SM are able to transmit the data to us at all.

Only explicitly defined, justifiable events and usage data (in short: "usage data") are transmitted.  

The app "Linchpin App Usage" is installed together with the apps of //SEIBERT/MEDIA. In addition to the events defined by us on this page, an IP address is also transmitted in a so-called request for technical reasons.

The following data will be transmitted:

  • IP address
  • Request metadata in header (Referer, Origin)
  • Anonymous usage data, defined by //SEIBERT/MEDIA

The aforementioned data will be transmitted to our server based in Germany with every request from the user's computer. The transmission of IP and metadata only takes place because it is technically impossible to transmit static usage data via the Internet. Upon arrival of the data on our server, the anonymous usage statistics are separated from the IP address and the metadata, thus completely anonymizing the usage data for the purpose of purely static analysis. This is because the IP address and the metadata are immediately deleted at the same time, without any further processing with the deleted data taking place.

For the processing of the anonymous static usage data itself, the EU-DSGVO is inapplicable (Recital 26 of the EU-DSGVO). After collection, the data is then transmitted to a server hosted by Google Ireland Ltd. Gordon House Barrow St. Dublin 4,  Ireland. The IP information is then separated from the anonymous usage statistics so it is no longer possible for us to assign the data to a specific user.  We then take the pure data in order to begin analysis of the usage.

At no time can //SEIBERT/MEDIA assign this anonymous statistical usage data to a specific person. A consolidation of this anonymous statistical usage data with other data sources cannot and will not be carried out.

The short-term processing of IP and metadata for the transmission of static usage data is technically imperative. The short-term processing of the IP and the metadata takes place on the basis of our mutual legitimate interest (Art. 6 Para. 1 S.1 lit. f. EU-DSGVO), namely to receive and evaluate the anonymous usage statistics for the purpose of improving the apps in the interest of the customers. 

For the processing of the anonymous static usage data itself, the EU-DSGVO is inapplicable (Recital 26 of the EU-DSGVO).

Further Personal Information

Furthermore Atlassian makes certain technical contact and billing contact information available to //SEIBERT/MEDIA via their Sales API when the plugin is installed and a license (evaluation or full) is applied to the plugin. Please see Atlassian's privacy policy for details on how they treat your information.
//SEIBERT/MEDIA may analyse the Sales API and may use the email and/or telephone number to contact you.

Changes to Privacy Policy

//SEIBERT/MEDIA may make changes to this privacy policy if it is necessary due to law or technical changes.

Further information and your rights

For more information about us and your rights, please see our general data privacy 

Marketplace Apps Confluence Cloud

For more information about us and your rights regarding the Confluence Cloud Apps from //SEIBERT/MEDIA please see our Cloud Apps Privacy Policy.

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