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What it does

Comala Publishing provides between-space publishing and enables you to implement complex workflows. To achieve this, it uses two spaces that are kept in sync: a draft space, where you can make all the content changes you want, and a published space, that displays the content you want users to see.

For example, you could have an approval workflow, where authors write their news in the draft space, add images etc. Then you have editors who need to approve those news and then publish them. This is similar to the built-in approval workflow in Linchpin Enterprise News, but it works a bit differently and Comala Publishing allows for more complex workflows. 

Warning: Don't use both at once!

It is not a good idea to use both apps' workflows at the same time. Please decide which one you want to use and stick to that. 

While it's not recommended to mix up both approval workflows, all the other features of Linchpin Enterprise News work fine in combination with Comala workflows, for example, using categories or teaser images.

Relevant settings

If you use both Linchpin Enterprise News (or the Linchpin Intranet Suite) and Comala Publishing you should add the following content property prefix into the Comala Publishing configuration: (/admin/viewpublishconfig.action): net.seibertmedia.

This ensures that all the additional data of Linchpin Enterprise News, like teaser images or categories, work well within a Comala Publishing workflow. If you don't use this property prefix, those things might break and you might lose your teaser image or categories while transitioning your news through the Comala Publishing workflow. 

Using Default Images in Linchpin Enterprise news while using a Comala Publishing workflow

Linchpin Enterprise News allows you to set a default teaser image site-wide or for single spaces. 

  • For a global default image no further configuration has to be made in regards to Comala Publishing. Simply configure the default image normally and you are good to go. 
  • If you are using a teaser default image per space and you want to use it for the space that's managed by a Comala Publishing workflow, you will need to configure that default image for both the draft space and the publish space. 

Known Issue

Before the version of Linchpin Enterprise News 2.20.1 there was a problem with teaser images in combination with a Comala Publishing workflow. It resulted in images not being visible for some users after publishing the news. News that are created with Linchpin Enterprise News 2.20.1 and later will not have that problem, however, older news that already have this issue are not being repaired automatically by upgrading. You can repair those news by hand simply by editing and publishing them once more.

This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.