Create a QR-Code for your Confluence page

There are three different options to create a QR-Code for your Confluence page.

Create OptionUsage
Create QR-Code via the page action menuDefine the look of the QR code in detail
Create QR-Code via the page metadata headerQuick create with default options
Insert QR-Code via Macro into your pageAdd the QR-Code to the page for printout or PDF-Export

Create QR-Code via the page action menu

It's easy just open the page action or dot menu and choose "Generate QR Code" to open the Configuration Dialog.

Configuration Details

The detailed configuration contains some elements to style the generated QR-Code.

Layout & Border

You can have two text fields you can add to your generated QR-Code. In the Default setting they are placed as a header line and a footer line. With the detailed configuration you can place these lines as in the default setting or both lines on top or below the QR-Code.

It's also possible to add a border to the output image. Once you switched on the border you can change the color and the size of the border line.

Correction Level

A QR Code has error correction capability to restore data if the code is dirty or damaged. You can choose between four options.

  • Low
  • Medium
  • Quartile (Default)
  • High

Color Settings

It's possible to define the color of the QR-Code itself and the background of the generated image. Just click the color Picker and choose a color.

The default setting is black for the QR-Code and white for the background.


In the preview area you can see how the image file look like once you download it.


Not much to say. Just click the download Button and your QR-Code will be generated.

Create QR-Code via the page metadata header

If you don't need to customize your QR-Code you can just get it using the button in the metadata header of your page. The QR-Code will be generated with the Default Settings.

Insert QR-Code via Macro into your page

If you want to add a page QR-Code directly to the page you can do this by using the qr2page Macro. It will add a QR-Code image file to the page. This is very practically if you want to create printouts.

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