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How to edit apps in bulk?

Within the App management, choose the selection of apps you want to edit by checking off. Then, click on "edit selection".

You are able to select several apps in the overview and change them all at once.

Select the to be edited apps
Click the edit button on top or bottom of the table.

After clicking the edit button, the bulk edit view appears.

On top there's a list of the selected apps. By clicking "Change selection" you can change them.


When clicking the "Change selection" button, your values filled in bulk edit view will be lost!

You can set the values like you do for a single app. You have the option to edit the following:

  • Department
  • Contact
  • Labels
  • Categories

Every input has a further checkbox on the left.


The values are only set for the selected apps, if the checkbox is checked.

If all apps share the same value for a field, it will be prefilled with this value.

Further down, you have the options for the visibility on the Launchpad.

Here, you can edit the visibility, the mandatory app, recommended app as well as mark the apps as new.

Afterwards, click on "Save changes."

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This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.