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How to insert "Apps" Macro

To display a selection of apps on a Confluence page, select the "Apps" macro from the macro browser. No additional configuration is needed. The macro displays all those apps you marked as favorite on the page by default. Usually the dashboard is a great place to insert this macro. Depending on your theme there might be other suitable places.

How to customize the "Apps" Macro

After choosing the "Apps" macro you have the choice to configure the displayed selection.

For this, you have the following options:

  • My Apps: Show the current users favorite apps
  • My Apps without mandatory apps: Show the current users favorite apps, but without automatically assigned "mandatory apps"
  • Mandatory Apps: Show only the automatically assigned "mandatory apps"
  • Selection by title: You can also display a hand-picked list of apps on a page. Just search for app by its title.

You can also sort the "Apps" macro via drag and drop.


You have to option to choose between a bared, detailed and compact layout.

The detailed layout is used in the AppCenter view and provides further detail when hovering the app, whereas the compact layout has no details.

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This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.