The ultimate approach to SVN to Git migration: a webinar with Martin Seibert and Alexander Kitaev from TMate Software! We will discuss the solution, talk about use cases and demonstrate the tool.



Tuesday, 06/03/18, 11-12AM


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Martin Seibert, CEO & Founder
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Alexander Kitaev, CEO & Founder


Type of webinar INTERACTIVE - Interactive webinars allow our visitors to strongly impact the progress and content of the webinar with questions and comments before and during the webinar. So, put on your 'collaboration-hat' and speak up, whenever you like.

In this webinar we will cover

- SVN to Git migration: why most teams are doing it; and why some still don't;
- Different approaches to migration: one-time import or creating a mirror;
- Common problems of migration and how they can be solved by using a two-way SVN||Git mirror.

Who will be interested in this webinar? 

- DevOps, Developer Team Leads, Server Administrators

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