About Monte Montoya

Monto Montoya manages product development initiatives and currently collaborate with Developers, QA and UX to utilize Agile practices to build products that exceed market expectations with cprime.


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Automated Health Checks by cprime

Looking for those leadings indicators that highlight risk? Looking for quantitative ways to drive better application governance or process enablement? Come learn how you can leverage pre-built automation scripts from Power Scripts to uncover issues hiding in your instance.


In this session you will learn:

  • Best practices for Jira Admins who need to optimize for performance and reduce operational issues
  • Best practices for Agile teams looking for better productivity and efficiency
  • How to leverage Power Scripts’ scripting framework to run your own custom health reports and measurements
  • How to leverage the Confluence integration to embed this report in Confluence spaces, baseline and version progress over time

Slides (Link)

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