Have you ever searched for a meeting room in your company? These tablets are mounted in front of every meeting room and show you, when and how long it is taken. You can spot free slots and book them right away. You can also prolong or end your current meeting directly. It syncs with your calendar collaboration software automatically and allows the common booking process via your computer's calendar as well.





  • At this point the system is a individual software with a web surface, that we have connected to your collaboration suite Zimbra (Microsoft Exchange clone).
  • Meeting rooms can be booked as resources in our calendars as well.
  • We use different sort of tablets ranging from 100 Euros to 150 Euros per tablet.

Holistic room management with raum]für[raum


One of our German customers has built a professional tool for room management. That's their description:

The professional management of rooms and resources is often much more complex than it seems at first glance. How can it be achieved to harmonise room management, user requests as well as binding orders for service providers and to imbed them in one stringent system? Only a holistic solution is able to meet these requirements and to increase stability and efficiency. The web-based application raum]für[raum by mediaDIALOG GmbH fulfils these demands competently and even goes one step further. The intelligent software offers fitting concepts for middle-sized to concern-wide projects with interfaces to Active Directory, SAP and Microsoft Outlook / Lotus Notes, the embedding of receptions and sign posting systems as well as detailed authorisation strategies.

For further information please visit www.raumverwaltung.de/en

Demo video





Linchpin Intranet Features

Requirements for an Intranet solution

The following pages allow you to learn more about the requirements that are set at modern Intranet Solutions and how we address these with our Confluence-based Intranet "LINCHPIN".


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