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Project completed in 2013  |

The client

ATLAS MTS, with its headquarters in Chicago, is a world leader in weathering technology. With over 150 locations throughout the world, Atlas machines simulate the effects of weather (sun, rain, cold, etc.) on materials, and therefore play an important role in ensuring the longevity and quality of products. A variety of industries, including as the automobile industry, rely on these test programs and the technical competencies of Atlas.

The assignment

Create a clone of the ATLAS website for China in the Chinese language.

The solution

After assigning the content to the translation office, we created a 1:1 clone of the existing website and adjusted all templates to work with Asian fonts. The ATLAS employees based in Asia were trained in TYPO3 via Skype, crossing both time zones and language barriers. Chinese users can now learn about ATLAS and their service and product portfolio without having to overcome any language barriers.


So far, this is our biggest project in an Asian language - “We now speak Chinese”.

Here is what Jamie Chesler, General Manager for Marketing and After Sales, had to say about working with //SEIBERT/MEDIA:

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