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Linchpin offers both passive and active personalization. Passive personalization is far more powerful and allows the system administrators to define personalization of all contents in the intranet based on user profile values. That means that the dashboard can be tailored to any variance of the profile. Common examples for content differentiation: Which location are you in? Which language do you speak? In which department do you work? Are you new? Will On-Boarding info be helpful for you?

The whole system can be fully personalized this way: Navigations (http://seibert.biz/navigationmenueditormarketplace), News (http://seibert.biz/enterprisenewsbundlemarketplace), Events (http://seibert.biz/easyevents), Teaser Boxes, Microblogs (http://seibert.biz/microblogusa), Apps, local support contacts and any other content in the system.

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