We are building a versatile Org Chart Management component in Linchpin together with customers. Join the group to influence our sponsored development.

Notes and info about the product

  • Most Org Chart Management solutions have very bad data. Through Linchpin Intranet we can leverage rich and up to date user profiles. That is a big asset and USP for our Org Charting solution.
  • We currently believe that such an Org Charting solution needs three levels of visualization:

    • Organizational units
    • Departments / Teams
    • Employees with Superiors and Subordinates

Implementing Org Charts in a Linchpin Intranet

  1. Provide overall structure either through the admin interface or via XML import
  2. Fill profile data (driven by intranet team via tables and mass editing features)
  3. Self-recruited profile updates (with approval process) by employees in their profile

Coming soon:

  • Data / Chart configuration
  • Macro features
  • Chart features

Link to this page: http://seibert.biz/orgcharts


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