Jira fields integration in didit - Checklists

A seamless integration to offer you a richer experience when converting checklist items to Jira issues. Here's a comprehensive overview to familiarize you with the integration and help you harness its full potential.

This is how the Jira attributes will be displayed in your checklist

This feature is currently only available in didit - Checklist for Jira instances.

This feature builds off of our foundational feature which allows users to create an issue or sub-task from any checklist task.

Users can quickly see the Status, Assignee, and Due date of the linked Jira issue directly in the checklist task inside our didit - Checklist panel. Together, these features offer a comprehensive and synergized user experience.

To view these attributes, you need to create a Jira issue from a checklist task. Once you've transformed a checklist task into a Jira Sub-task or issue, the underlying details will reflect in the didit - Checklist panel. Currently, you can observe the following attributes.

Jira issue status

Synchronize the Status of issues between Jira and your didit checklist, providing real-time updates and insights. The checklist item will stay updated as you adjust the associated Jira issue's Status.

Jira Subtask Status


Promote transparency and teamwork by displaying the Jira issue Assignee's initials/avatar next to each task. The checklist item will stay updated as you adjust the associated Jira issue's Assignee.

Assignee in Checklist

Due date

Tasks within your checklist showcase their associated deadlines from the linked Jira issue, providing you with a clear view of upcoming responsibilities and timelines. The checklist item will stay updated as you adjust the associated Jira issue's Due date.

Due Date in Checklist

Please be aware that you may need to refresh your browser tab to see updates from the Jira issue reflected in your didit checklist.

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This page was last edited on 02/11/2024.