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Product Owner Marketing

Area of expertise

Inga Koreng is the product owner of the dedicated marketing team for our product for Confluence. She leads and coordinates the development of marketing content and campaigns, supports customer support, and acts as the liaison with the development team. She is also involved in the organization and processing of various company-wide projects and is the product owner of the //SEIBERT/MEDIA marketing team.


Skills and expertise

  • Diagramming in Confluence & JIRA
  • Online & Event Marketing
  • Mentoring


since 2013: //SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH
2011 - 2013: Academic assistant to the Chair for Service Management, University of Leipzig
2011 - 2011: Llabres S.L., employee in the training department


2011 - 2013: Business Administration at the University of Leipzig, graduated with Master Sc.
2007 - 2012: Economics at the University of Leipzig, graduated with Bachelor Sc.
2009 - 2010: Economics at the Internacional de Catalunya University, Barcelona


Name: Inga Koreng
Position: Product Owner
Employee since: 2013


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