Checklists for Atlassian Cloud - Release in May 2023

Announcing recurring checklists in Jira and Confluence cloud

We are proud to announce the launch of one of our most requested features. The Recurring Checklists feature has been our top 4 most wished new feature and the most discussed topic in our public product board. We listened to your feedback and are excited to unveil this innovative feature.


Automated Checklist Generation

Define the frequency of your checklist as daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or biannually. Upon your specified start date and time, the checklist is automatically generated. This date-time combination is then reused each time the specified interval lapses, ensuring you have a fresh checklist when you need it. To get a glimpse of upcoming generation dates, simply click "Check" for a convenient preview.


On the one hand, we believe that stats will help you and your team to love your checklist work more. You can see your progress. You can report on your discipline and learn about the process itself. It's also some form of gamification to see all these analytics about your progress.


No Duplicate Checklists

In order to maintain clarity and efficiency, we've introduced a mechanism to prevent the creation of duplicate checklists within the defined interval. For example, if you have a checklist that runs weekly, all generated checklists during the week will point to the one checklist generated at the beginning of the interval.

In the list of checklist templates, a unique symbol will now indicate the recurring type. Additionally, instead of "new checklist", the button will display "open checklist" , guiding users to the unique checklist for that interval.

 by Lance Grandahl


Multiple Assignees

Now, you can configure multiple assignees in the settings. All assigned individuals will be notified and collaborate on the same checklist for the interval. This promotes team synergy and ensures all tasks are addressed efficiently.

Define multiple assignees to be notified when a new checklist is created. Enter individual email addresses by pressing Enter.


Assignee Notification

Once you've defined the assignees by email, they will receive notifications about the checklist. This feature makes collaboration easier and ensures that everyone stays in the loop.


Administrator Controls

Administrators now have the ability to set the Recurring Checklists feature to active or inactive. This enhanced control allows for flexibility and customization based on your team's needs.


Examples of Recurring Checklists

We are thrilled about the possibilities that this new feature brings. It opens up numerous use cases and ensures a streamlined, consistent workflow. No longer will you need to wonder if you're working on the correct checklist. This feature offers a systematic approach to managing complex processes, enhancing quality control and promoting adherence to established procedures. Here are some examples:

  • Daily: Team standup, Review customer feedback, Monitor team's progress on ongoing projects, Validate daily operations, Update shared team task status, Collaborative problem solving session, Daily backup of shared data, Review and respond to stakeholder communications, Check and refill office supplies, Update shared inventory.

  • Weekly: Weekly team meeting for project updates, Review and adjust project timelines, Analyze weekly team performance, Revise weekly budget based on team needs, Conduct team training session, Weekly office maintenance, Analyze user behavior for product teams, Check for security updates, Website performance review for web team, Review and revise team goals.

  • Monthly: Prepare monthly financial report for team, Review and update team strategies, Conduct team performance reviews, Update team business plan, Conduct monthly safety inspections.

  • Quarterly: Prepare quarterly financial reports, Review and update team goals, Conduct quarterly team training, IT system maintenance, Conduct market trend analysis for strategy teams.

  • Yearly: Prepare annual financial report, Audit team inventory, Update team policies, Conduct year-end team reviews, Evaluate yearly team performance metrics.

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