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What analytics does Aura capture and why?

//SEIBERT/MEDIA captures analytics from our products and stores these in a private analytics database hosted on:

  • Google Cloud in Frankfurt am Main, Germany (for Aura version 2.3.0)
  • Digital Ocean in Frankfurt am Main, Germany (for Aura version 2.3.1 and higher)

No Personally Identifiable Information is included in the analytics sent.

Aura transmits information on a daily basis defined in a JSON schemeIt can not transmit any other information.

Example analytics data we receive:

SENAura VersionConfluence VersionHostingUser tierAura Macro Usage

Buttons = 20

Cards = 45

Titles = 23

Tab Group = 5

How do I disable the analytics events from Aura from being sent to //SEIBERT/MEDIA?

You can disable it in two simple steps:

  • Navigate to Confluence administration > Manage Apps > Aura
  • Disable the Aura module Aura Analytics Job

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