Wikis are awesome. The most problematic thing is that they often suffer from redundancy and chaos. The best cure is a professional archiving strategy. Here is our concept and solution how to master this with Linchpin Intranets:


A Successful Intranet Grows

Content creation in a LINCHPIN Intranet is easy, intuitive and fun. If your Intranet is successful, this leads inevitably to lots of content written by its users. Sometimes so much, that a much of this content quickly becomes out of date or irrelevant. The first challenge is to discover such content.


LINCHPIN offers several mechanisms to discover outdated content and handle it:

  1. Automatically notify users of old content and ask them to update it.
  2. Automatically archive content based on its age.
  3. Check the up-to-dateness of your content.
  4. Manually archiving whole sections of the Intranet, if they are not needed any more.

Never Delete your Content

Old and out-of-date should never be deleted. Often, content must not be deleted for legal reasons. LINCHPIN never deletes any content (unless you really want it) but it puts into an archive. The archived content is less visible but still available in your Intranet.

The effects of archiving:

  • Content no longer appears in your search results by default. Users can actively decide to search archived content.
  • Content pages no longer appear in the navigation of LINCHPIN.
  • Users may still edit archived content but updates of archived content do not appear in activity streams.
  • Users may still view archived content, but only by following a direct link to this content.

Archiving - Content lifecycle management



Linchpin Intranet Features

Requirements for an Intranet solution

The following pages allow you to learn more about the requirements that are set at modern Intranet Solutions and how we address these with our Confluence-based Intranet "LINCHPIN".


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